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Re: [Linux-cluster] Building a HP Cluster

... And development is smokin'...

Testing oVirt 3.3 with Nested KVM

+Up and Running with oVirt 3.3

oVirt 3.3 Spices Up the Software Defined Datacenter with OpenStack and
Gluster Integration

oVirt 3.3, Glusterized

Neutron Networking on OpenStack for Networking Dummies

On Wed, Oct 16, 2013, at 10:55, merc1984 f-m fm wrote:
> It is the case that Amazon's AWS is entirely in-house.
> But enough information is here:
> EC2 Origins:  http://blog.b3k.us/2009/01/25/ec2-origins.html
> To indicate that oVirt + Gluster would be a good start, at least
> off-the-shelf.
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