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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can i use 2 nodes from a cluster?

place a loadbalancer in front of the cluster. Buy hardware, for example F5 or coyote. Or go for software with haproxy and keepalived. The software loadbalancer is a shared nothing. You only need to keep the config in sync (for example using csync2). Configure load balancing with sticky sessions based on incoming ips. 

Create a redhat cluster with four nodes. Main service provided by rhcs is GFS2. This allows you to share configfiles and web delivery files the same on all nodes. 

Start an apache on each node (via clones).

Traffic goes through loadbalancer and hits all rhcs nodes. Bandwith limit is the interface of the loadbalancer. Processing limit is from each RHCS-node. Disk I/O limit is from the SAN backing the GFS2 in combination with the GFS2 (reading should be no issue, heavy writing will trash the cluster via locks)

As an alternative use the suggested LVS. Only incoming requests need to pass through the LVS, answers can pass directly to the client. Requires a good knowledge on manipulating IP packets. Increases the output bandwith


I am trying to build a redhat cluster with 4 nodes for High Availability
and load balancing.

example :

node1,node2,node3,node4 for apache service + Centralized Storage.

now when those 4 nodes are connecting into cluster, i can only use 1 node
at a time and when 1 node goes down then it shift all services into node2 .

but can i not use all 4 nodes a  time ??

example, i have a hardware load balancer, From this  can i not pass the
http trafiq to all 4 nodes ??

if not then how can i have load balanced between these 4 nodes ??

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