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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS2 File Permissions

On 9/5/13 11:32 AM, "Steven Whitehouse" <swhiteho redhat com> wrote:

>On Thu, 2013-09-05 at 11:24 -0400, Schaefer, Micah wrote:
>> Hello,
>> 	I am running a cluster with two nodes. Each node is importing an iSCSI
>> block device. Using clustered logical volume management, they are
>> several logical volumes that are formatted with GFS2.
>> I have attempted to synchronize the user id's and groups id's between
>> two servers, to provide persistent access to the shared volumes.
>> Once I changed the entries in /etc/passwd and /etc/group on the second
>> node, I am now receiving a permission denied message for access any of
>> shared files. 
>> I have verified the user id and group id of the files match the user
>> account's id's and am at a loss.
>> Is there something I am missing, and is there a better way of
>> accomplishing this task?
>Well it should work in the absence of any other complicating factors
>(such as selinux) and if the uid/gid are the same in both cases. Can you
>post an example with the full permissions? I assume that you are not
>using ACLs but just normal unix permissions?
>> Regards,
>> -------
>> Micah Schaefer

Thanks for the fast response. Selinux is disabled, and I am not using any
ACL's, just standard unix permissions.

Does GFS2 care about or handle permissions at all?

I also tried mounting the volumes with the acl option with no difference.

-bash-4.1$ sudo ls -alnd ~/
drwxrwx--- 21 500 500 3864 Sep  5 10:21 /itc/data/home/user/

-bash-4.1$ ls ~/
ls: cannot access /itc/data/home/user/: Permission denied
-bash-4.1$ id

uid=500(schaemj1) gid=500(user) groups=500(user),10(wheel),48(apache)

-bash-4.1$ sestatus
SELinux status:                 disabled

-bash-4.1$ sudo getfacl ~/
getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: itc/data/home/user/
# owner: user
# group: user

****note 'user' was substituted to sanitize user name*****

-bash-4.1$ sudo mount | grep gfs2
/dev/mapper/vg_itc--stor1-lv_html on /itc/html type gfs2
/dev/mapper/vg_itc--stor1-lv_db on /itc/db type gfs2
/dev/mapper/vg_itc--stor1-lv_data on /itc/data type gfs2

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