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Re: [Linux-cluster] Two-node cluster: Node attempts stateful merge after clean reboot

On 11/09/13 08:34, Pascal Ehlert wrote:
Classic fence loop.  Try this doc:
I don't have a Red Hat subscription (apologies if that is expected to
participate in this list).

My understanding was, that this scenario should only happen in the case
that networking between the two nodes does not work properly. Would you
mind explaining why it happens to me where the nodes can (and do)
communicate with each other and the post_join_delay is very high?

It's not required or expected.

The problem is that, if you enable cman on boot, the fenced node will try to join the cluster, fail to reach it's peer after post_join_delay (default 6 seconds, iirc) and fence it's peer. That peer reboots, starts cman, tries to connect, fenced it's peer...

The easiest way to avoid this in 2-node clusters is to not let cman/rgmanager start automatically. That way, if a node is fenced, it will boot back up and you can log into remotely (assuming it's not totally dead). When you know things are fixed, manually start cman.


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