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Re: [Linux-cluster] Simple data replication in a cluster

On 04/03/2014 01:58 PM, Vallevand, Mark K issued this missive:
I’m looking for a simple way to replicate data within a cluster.

It looks like my resources will be self-configuring and may need to push
changes they see to all nodes in the cluster.  The idea being that when
a node crashes, the resource will have its configuration present on the
node on which it is restarted.  We’re talking about a few kb of data,
probably in one file, probably text.  A typical cluster would have
multiple resources (more than two), one resource per node and one extra


Could I use the CIB directly to replicate data?  Use cibadmin to update
something and sync?

How big can a resource parameter be?  Could a resource modify its
parameters so that they are replicated throughout the cluster?

Is there a simple file replication Resource Agent?

Drdb seems like overkill.

If you're OK with it and it's a small group of files/directories,
why not use something like inotifywait and have it run a script that
rsyncs the altered files to the other nodes when the files change? I've
done it before and it works pretty well.
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