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Re: [Linux-cluster] KVM availability groups


I am not an expert in this, but as far as i understand it works like this

On Thursday 17 of April 2014 13:20:11 Henley, David wrote:
> I have 8 to 10 Rack mount Servers running Red Hat KVM.
> I need to create 2 availability zones and a backup zone.
> 1.       What tools do you use to create these? Is it always scripted or is
> there an open source interface similar to say Vcenter.

There are vcenter-like interfaces, but I'm not sure how they handle HA, have a 
look at ganeti and/or openstack

this list is rather more concerned about the low level workings of clustered 
systems, with tools such as cman or pacemaker (depending on your OS version, I 
think all current RHEL versions use cman) to monitor and manage availability 
of your services (a VM is a service in this context), and corosync to keep 
your cluster in a consistent state.

if you are looking for a vsphere replacement, you might have better luck with 
openstack than tinkering with linux clustering directly, in my opinion.

> 2.       Are there KVM tools that monitor the zones?

You would probably use libvirt interface to manipulate with your KVM instances

Pavel Herrmann

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