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Re: [Linux-cluster] luci question

What type of the browser are you using?
I have the same issue with IE. But if I use Firefox. It's there for me. 
I'm hoping that is it what you are looking for.

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 One of the guys created a simple configuration and was attempting to use
luci to administer the cluster. It comes up fine but the links "Admin ...
Logout" at the top left of the window that usually appears is not appearing.
Looking at the code in the header html I see the following:

<span py:if="tg.auth_stack_enabled" py:strip="True">
        <py:if test="request.identity">
          <li class="loginlogout"><a href="${tg.url('/admin')}"
class="${('', 'active')[defined('page') and
          <li class="loginlogout"><a href="${tg.url('/prefs')}"
class="${('', 'active')[defined('page') and
          <li id="login" class="loginlogout"><a
       <li py:if="not request.identity" id="login" class="loginlogout"><a

What affects (or effects) the tg.auth_stack_enabled value? I assume its some
browser setting but really have no clue.


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