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Re: [Linux-cluster] luci question

Hello Neal,

On 25/04/14 19:13 +0000, Neale Ferguson wrote:
>  One of the guys created a simple configuration and was attempting
>  to use luci to administer the cluster. It comes up fine but the
>  links "Admin ... Logout" at the top left of the window that usually
>  appears is not appearing. Looking at the code in the header html I
>  see the following:
> <span py:if="tg.auth_stack_enabled" py:strip="True">
>         <py:if test="request.identity">
>           <li class="loginlogout"><a href="${tg.url('/admin')}" class="${('', 'active')[defined('page') and page==page=='admin']}">Admin</a></li>
>           <li class="loginlogout"><a href="${tg.url('/prefs')}" class="${('', 'active')[defined('page') and page==page=='prefs']}">Preferences</a></li>
>           <li id="login" class="loginlogout"><a href="${tg.url('/logout_handler')}">Logout</a></li>
>         </py:if>
>        <li py:if="not request.identity" id="login" class="loginlogout"><a href="${tg.url('/login')}">Login</a></li>
> </span>
> What affects (or effects) the tg.auth_stack_enabled value? I assume
> its some browser setting but really have no clue.

could you be more specific as to which versions of luci, TurboGears
and repoze.who?  In RHEL-like distros, the latter map to TurboGears2
and python-repoze-who packages.

I don't recall any issue like what you described.


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