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Re: [Linux-cluster] luci question

On 29/04/14 17:56 +0000, Neale Ferguson wrote:
> Name        : python-genshi
> Arch        : s390x
> Version     : 0.5.1
> Release     : 7.1.el6

Thanks again, but I have to admit I am short of ideas.

Please see my other post wrt. next possible pointers, notably
inspecting a page dump (e.g., via save page as) because there could be
also some weird styling issue despite the demanded content reached
the browser.  Probably last item to check that I recalled is checking
that no interfering EPEL or other non-RH package is installed, perhaps
by running:

rpm -q --qf "%{NEVRA}; %{VENDOR}\n" -- luci TurboGears2 pyOpenSSL    \
 python python-babel python-beaker python-cheetah python-decorator   \
 python-decoratortools python-formencode python-genshi python-mako   \
 python-markdown python-markupsafe python-myghty python-nose         \
 python-paste python-paste-deploy python-paste-script                \
 python-peak-rules python-peak-util-addons python-peak-util-assembler\
 python-peak-util-extremes python-peak-util-symbols                  \
 python-prioritized-methods python-pygments python-pylons            \
 python-repoze-tm2 python-repoze-what python-repoze-what-pylons      \
 python-repoze-who python-repoze-who-friendlyform                    \
 python-repoze-who-testutil python-routes python-setuptools          \
 python-simplejson python-sqlalchemy python-tempita                  \
 python-toscawidgets python-transaction python-turbojson             \
 python-tw-forms python-weberror python-webflash python-webhelpers   \
 python-webob python-webtest python-zope-filesystem                  \
 python-zope-interface python-zope-sqlalchemy | grep -v 'Red Hat'

("package python-tw-forms is not installed" in the output is OK, it's
just a legacy thing)

Sadly, having no direct access to IE8, cannot track this further on my


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