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Re: [Linux-cluster] Question about cluster behavior

:( no cluster.conf && no log, so if you want someone try to help you, you need to give more information, no just describe the problem

2014-02-14 10:54 GMT+01:00 FABIO FERRARI <fabio ferrari unimore it>:

I have a 3 nodes cluster in high availability with a quorum disk. It is
Redhat 6.
Occasionally it happens that we have to shut down the entire cluster system.
When I restart the machines, the cluster don't see any cluster partition
(/dev/mapper/vg-lv) until all machines are started.
If I want to start only 2 machines, I have to manually remove the other
machine frome the web interface and restart the other two machines. If I
don't do this, the cluster partition path isn't seen and the services
never start. Is this normal or there is some configuration problem in my

thanks in advance for the answer

Fabio Ferrari

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