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[Linux-cluster] Colocation of cloned resource instances.

I have 2 cloned resources.  I want to make sure that instance 0 of each cloned resource are collocated.  (And instance 1, 2, etc.)


I’d like to do something like this:

                crm configure colocation name INFINITY: a_clone:0 b_clone:0

Where a_clone is a clone of resource a, etc:

crm configure clone a_clone a meta clone-max=2

Same for b_clone and b.

A and b are primitives:

                crm configure primitive a …


Not having much luck.  Advice?

Tried using a_clone:0 and a:0 on the collocation command.

Is this even possible?


Mark K Vallevand   Mark Vallevand Unisys com

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