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Re: [Linux-cluster] PowerEdge R610 idrac express fencing

On 19/02/14 07:30 PM, Michael Mendoza wrote:
Good afternoon.

We are trying to configure 2 dell R610 with idrac6 EXPRESS in cluster
with redhat 5.10 x64.

For testing we are using the command fence_ipmilan. We can ping idrac on
the remote host.

fence_ipmilan -a X.X.X.X -l usern -p xxxx  -t 200  -o status  -v   <-- works

Over 3 minutes to confirm a fence action is extremely log time!

fence_ipmilan -a X.X.X.X -l usern -p xxxx  -t 200  -o reboot -v

The problem is the server reboot, but while it reboot the idrac6 reboot
too. so the host A after 120 seconds aprox lost connection and get the
follow message.

So you're saying that the IPMI interface, after rebooting the host, fails to respond for two full minutes? That strikes me as a reason to call Dell and ask for help. That can't be normal.

    Spawning: '/usr/bin/ipmitool -I lan -H 'X.X.X.X' -U 'usern' -P
    '[set]' -v -v -v chassis power on'...
    Spawned: '/usr/bin/ipmitool -I lan -H 'X.X.X.X' -U 'usern' -P
    '[set]' -v -v -v chassis power on' - PID 10104
    Looking for:
    'Password:', val = 1
    'Unable to establish LAN', val = 11
    'IPMI mutex', val = 14
    'Unsupported cipher suite ID', val = 2048
    'read_rakp2_message: no support for', val = 2048
    'Up/On', val = 0
    ExpectToken returned 11
    Reaping pid 10104

cman version is CMAN-

This is an old existing cluster, or a new one you're trying to build?

however I have other host with centos 6.4 and CMAN3.0... and the
connection is not lost. I run the same command, the server reboot as
well as idrac, the ping is back and the ipmi connection is not lost..

Are these nodes in the same cluster? cman 2 and 3 only are designed to work in maintenance mode for rolling upgrades.

am I doing something wrong? I used the -t and -T option even 300 / 400
and it doesnt matter, the connection is shut after 120secounds. in
centos work fine. ( I already opened a case with redhat and am waiting

It might be that the 120 second upper limit is a bug.

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