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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVM & CMAN live adding nodes

This is not true. I change things outside the <rm> tags often without restarting the cluster. It would be a significant flaw if that were the case.

On 22/02/14 04:33 AM, emmanuel segura wrote:
I know if you need to modify anything outside <rm>... </rm>{used by
rgmanager} tag in the cluster.conf file, you need to restart the whole
cluster stack, with cman+rgmanager i have never seen how to add a node
and remove a node from cluster without restart cman.

2014-02-22 6:21 GMT+01:00 Bjoern Teipel
<bjoern teipel internetbrands com
<mailto:bjoern teipel internetbrands com>>:

    Hi all,

    who's using CLVM with CMAN in a cluster with more than 2 nodes in
    production ?
    Did you guys got it to manage to live add a new node to the cluster
    while everything is running ?
    I'm only able to add nodes while the cluster stack is shutdown.
    That's certainly not a good idea when you have to run CLVM on
    hypervisors and you need to shutdown all VMs to add a new box.
    Would be also good if you paste some of your configs using IPMI fencing

    Thanks in advance,

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