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Re: [Linux-cluster] [Linux-HA] Problems with fence_apc agent and accessing APC AP8965

On 02/24/2014 03:17 PM, Tony Stocker wrote:

As mentioned in the output of my post, that **is** the version of fence agents that I am using, i.e.:

    # rpm -qa | grep fence

Only other error which came to my mind is https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/fence-agents.git/commit/?id=cfd1f7490d7958ee25ad5937c9f2072adaa9862e
but as it asks for password this should be the case.

The current status is that fence agent is not issuing any command, there are just few possibilities:
* invalid username/password - clearly not the case
* fence agent wait for incorrect command prompt - we are waiting for invalid prompt
* failure of some ssh negotiation - very likely
fence_apc by default use '-1 -c blowfish' because the ssh2 support is broken on older devices
    it is possible that only sshv2+ is supported now

    you can try to change this value in fence_apc directly line is:
        options["ssh_options"] = "-1 -c blowfish"

    in upstream version this can be set from command line

Where, or with whom, should I create the Bugzilla report?

bugzilla.redhat.com - package fence-agents

please attach an output of what it does when you try to get status/reboot machine manually via ssh.


On Mon, 24 Feb 2014, Marek Grac wrote:


This is a problem of firmware support, APC have completely changed text-based interface (and it is better than before). This should be solved in release fence-agents-3.1.5-35.el6 (RHEL 6.5). If that (or upstream 4.x version) is
not working please create a bugzilla report.


On 02/24/2014 02:57 AM, Andrew Beekhof wrote:

Forwarding to linux-cluster which has more people knowledgeable on this set of fencing agents.

On 22 Feb 2014, at 12:38 am, Tony Stocker <Tony Stocker nasa gov> wrote:


I have a bigger issue regarding dual power supplies and fence_apc that I'm going to eventually need to resolve. But at this point I'm simply having basic issues getting the fence_apc agent to be able to access the devices in genera
l, to wit:

# fence_apc --ssh --ip=hac-pdu1 --plug=1 --username=blah --password=blah --verbose --action=status
Unable to connect/login to fencing device

However I can manually SSH into the device just fine:

# ssh  blah hac-pdu1
blah hac-pdu1's password:

American Power Conversion Network Management Card AOS v5.1.9
(c) Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved  RPDU 2g v5.1.6
Name      : hac-pdu1                                  Date : 02/21/2014
Contact   : systems mail myserver123 com              Time : 13:12:02
Location : C101, HAC Rack 1 User : Administrator Up Time : 223 Days 17 Hours 0 Minutes Stat : P+ N4+ N6+ A+

Type ? for command listing
Use tcpip command for IP address(-i), subnet(-s), and gateway(-g)


So perhaps the place to start first is simply getting the fence_apc agent (provided by CentOS/RHEL package fence-age nts-3.1.5-35.el6_5.3.x86_64) to actually be able to work correctly. Once that's done, I'll still need help on the d
ual power supply issue.

I'm not seeing any attempts to login in the APC's logs file, though I do see connections when I manually login, e.g.
02/21/2014 13:13:11 System: Console user 'apc' logged out from 02/21/2014 13:12:40 System: Console user 'apc' logged in from

A manual 'telnet [name] 22' command also works fine from the command line:
# telnet hac-pdu1 22
Connected to hac-1-pdu1 (
Escape character is '^]'.

However fence_apc_snmp **does** seem to work:

# fence_apc_snmp --snmp-version=1 --community=public --ip=hac-pdu1 --plug=1 --username=blah --password=blah --verbos
e --action=status
/usr/bin/snmpwalk -m '' -Oeqn -v '1' -c 'public' 'hac-pdu1:161' '.'
No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging
Created directory: /var/lib/net-snmp/mib_indexes
. .

Trying APC Master Switch (fallback)
/usr/bin/snmpget -m '' -Oeqn -v '1' -c 'public' 'hac-pdu1:161' '.'
. 1

Status: ON

Does anyone have any ideas as to why fence_apc is not working?


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