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Re: [Linux-cluster] [Linux-HA] Problems with fence_apc agent and accessing APC AP8965


On 02/25/2014 01:11 PM, Tony Stocker wrote:
On Tue, 25 Feb 2014, Marek Grac wrote:

   it is possible that only sshv2+ is supported now

   you can try to change this value in fence_apc directly line is:
       options["ssh_options"] = "-1 -c blowfish"

This appears to be the culprit with this issue.  I changed that line to:

    options["ssh_options"] = "-2"

and was successful in getting a status check:
I have submitted this information via RedHat's Bugzilla, bug id #1069618.

I greatly appreciate the help. Now I can send out another email about my main issue, which is figuring out how to get Pacemaker to perform STONITH on a system with power supplies plugged into two different APC AP8965 strips successfully. Since the fence_apc assumes a single connection, there appears to be no way to use the fence agent to achieve this, I need to figure out how people are doing it.

The fence agents are just a part of ecosystem, take a look at



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