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Re: [Linux-cluster] iscsi sysmlink create problem

On 03/12/2014 12:43 PM, emmanuel segura wrote:
but it's a cluster problem? ummm

2014-03-12 7:31 GMT+01:00 Kaisar Ahmed Khan <lipson12 yahoo com>:

Dear Experts :

 following rule is not working to create symlink for iscsi disk , my iscsi device ID /dev/sda and want to link as /dev/iscsi/vendor_kernel

please guide me if i miss anything .



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esta es mi vida e me la vivo hasta que dios quiera

if you  share more information with us ( os version ) it could help.

Also below outputs can help to understand how system see device

if rhel 5  ( and clones )

# udevinfo -a -p $(udevinfo -q path -n /dev/DEVICE)

if rhel 6 ( and clones )

# udevadm info --query=all -n /dev/DEVICE --attribute-walk

where DEVICE is device you want to write udev rule for.

Kind regards,
Elvir Kuric,TSE / Red Hat / GSS EMEA / 

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