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[Linux-cluster] Resource instance is getting restarted when a node is rebooted

I’m testing my cluster configuration by rebooting nodes to see what happens.  I can’t explain what I see in some cases.


The setup:  I have a cloned resource with its own agent and an IP address resource that is collocated with the cloned resource.  The IP address doesn’t need to run on all of the nodes running an instance of the cloned resource.  It just needs to be on one of the nodes.  It’s not cloned or meant to be load-balanced.


I do something like this:

crm -F configure <<EOF

                                        primitive IP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \

                                                params ip= nic=eth0 cidr_netmask=24 \

                                                op monitor interval=30s timeout=20s \

                                                op start timeout=30s \

                                                op stop timeout=30s

                                        primitive P ocf:heartbeat:my_agent \

                                                op monitor interval=30s timeout=10s \

                                                op start timeout=30s \

                                                op stop timeout=30s

                                        clone P_clone P \

                                                meta clone-max=2 notify="true" clone-node-max=1

                                        colocation P_withIP INFINITY: IP P_clone

                                        order P_AfterIP INFINITY: IP P_clone





This works great.  In my 2 node system, node1 has IP and P:0 on it, node2 has P:1 on it, and node3 has nothing on it.

Reboot node2.  I see P:1 start on node3.  Good.

Reboot node3.  I see P:1 start on node2.  Good.

Reboot node1.  I see P:0 and IP start on node3.  Good.  And I see P:1 restart on node2. 

What’s up with that?

Have I done my collocation incorrectly?  If I reboot the node that has the IP resource on it, all instances of P_clone move or restart.


Any ideas are very welcome.


Mark K Vallevand   Mark Vallevand Unisys com

May you live in interesting times, may you come to the attention of important people and may all your wishes come true.

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