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Re: [Linux-cluster] Adding a stop timeout to a VM service using 'ccs'

On 19/03/14 10:12 PM, Pavel Herrmann wrote:

On Wednesday 19 of March 2014 21:26:56 Digimer wrote:
On 19/03/14 07:45 PM, Digimer wrote:
On 19/03/14 06:31 PM, Chris Feist wrote:
On 03/18/2014 08:27 PM, Digimer wrote:
Hi all,

    I would like to tell rgmanager to give more time for VMs to stop. I

want this:

<vm name="vm01-win2008" domain="primary_n01" autostart="0"
path="/shared/definitions/" exclusive="0" recovery="restart"

    <action name="stop" timeout="10m" />


I already use ccs to create the entry:

<vm name="vm01-win2008" domain="primary_n01" autostart="0"
path="/shared/definitions/" exclusive="0" recovery="restart"


ccs -h localhost --activate --sync --password "secret" \

   --addvm vm01-win2008 \
   --domain="primary_n01" \
   path="/shared/definitions/" \
   autostart="0" \
   exclusive="0" \
   recovery="restart" \
   max_restarts="2" \

I'm hoping it's a simple additional switch. :)

Unfortunately currently ccs doesn't support setting resource actions.
However it's my understanding that rgmanager doesn't check timeouts
unless __enforce_timeouts is set to "1".  So you shouldn't be seeing a
vm resource go to failed if it takes a long time to stop.  Are you
trying to make the vm resource fail if it takes longer than 10 minutes
to stop?

I was afraid you were going to say that. :(

The problem is that after calling 'disable' against the VM service,
rgmanager waits two minutes. If the service isn't closed in that time,
the server is forced off (at least, this was the behaviour when I last
tested this).

The concern is that, by default, windows installs queue updates to
install when the system shuts down. During this time, windows makes it
very clear that you should not power off the system during the updates.
So if this timer is hit, and the VM is forced off, the guest OS can be

Of course, we can debate the (lack of) wisdom of this behaviour, and I
already document this concern (and even warn people to check for updates
before stopping the server), it's not sufficient. If a user doesn't read
the warning, or simply forgets to check, the consequences can be

If ccs can't be made to add this attribute, and if the behaviour
persists (I will test shortly after sending this reply), then I will
have to edit the cluster.conf directly, something I am loath to do if at
all avoidable.



I called disable on a VM with gnome running, so that I could abort the
VM's shut down.

an-c05n01:~# date; clusvcadm -d vm:vm01-rhel6; date
Wed Mar 19 21:06:29 EDT 2014
Local machine disabling vm:vm01-rhel6...Success
Wed Mar 19 21:08:36 EDT 2014

2 minutes and 7 seconds, then rgmanager forced-off the VM. Had this been
a windows guest in the middle of installing updates, it would be highly
likely to be screwed now.

Is this really the best way to handle such an event?

 From what I remember, Windows can (or could, I don't have any 'modern' windows
laying around) be told to shutdown without updating. maybe a wiser approach
would be to make the stop event (which I believe is delivered to the guest as
pressing the ACPI power button) trigger a shutdown without updates.

keep in mind that doing system updates on timer is dangerous, irrelevant of
the actual time

Pavel Herrmann

This assumes that we can modify how windows behaves. Unless there is a magic ACPI event that windows will reliably interpret as "power off without updating", we can't rely on this.

We have clients (and I am sure we aren't the only ones) who install their own OSes without any input from us. As mentioned earlier, we do document the risks, but that's not good enough. We can't force users to read.

So we have a choice; Take mitigating steps or let the user shoot themselves in the foot "because they should have known better". As personally satisfying as option #2 might seem, option #1 is the more professional approach, I would _strongly_ argue.


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