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[Linux-cluster] IP address for replies

Hello everyone.

I have an HA Cluster in CentOS 6, using CMAN + RGManager (the
supported and 'official' stack in CentOS 6.5). Everything works OK;
however, there is a thing that could give me problems in the future,
so I would like thinking right now how to solve it.

When an incoming packet comes to my cluster (through a floating IP
address), mi active node receives it OK; however, it replies from his
'real' IP address, not from the floating IP. As i'm deploying SIP in
this cluster, maybe some provider in the future could dislike this IP
and reject my calls.

I've read heartbeat have some functionality to fix this, called
IPSrcAddr; however I don't see a similar resource in Conga Web
Interface or in Red Hat documentation. In other websites, I've read
about a workaround involving IP routing rules tables, but I don't
think this is an optimal solution.

Anybody knows a way to fix this in my scenario?


Eduar Cardona

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