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Re: [Linux-cluster] mixing OS versions?

On 28/03/14 19:31, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:

Are there any known issues, guidelines, or recommendations for having
a single RHCS cluster with different OS releases on the nodes?
Only one answer.. don't do it. It's not supported and it's only asking
for troubles.

Seconded. There are _substantial_ differences between Centos/RHEL 5 and 6 clustering.

You can run one or the other OS, but you can't mix them. The on-disk format isn't affected.

Best path is to setup a cluster in 6, shut down the 5 cluster, attach disks to the 6 cluster and bring it all back up. The 5 boxes can be converted to version 6 afterwards.

(I'm going through this at the moment, as I have 2 EL5 clusters and 1 EL6 cluster.)

TAKE NOTE:  RHEL/CentOS6 clustering is not quite ready for prime-time - if you enable GFS2 quotas and someone busts his quota the machine will panic.

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