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Re: [Linux-cluster] clusvcadm


When I do :

clusvcadm -s vm:vm.domain Local machine stopping vm:vm.domain... This process never ends

and on one of the nodes the services are not shown

#clustat Service states unavailable: Temporary failure; try again Cluster Status for vprd @ Wed May 7 12:04:37 2014 Member Status: Quorate Member Name ID Status ------ ---- ---- ------ vprd2.domain 1 Online, Local vprd1.domain 2 Online vprd3.domain 3 Online /dev/dm-3 0 Online, Quorum Disk [root cvprd2 log]# ----


On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 11:41 AM, jmd_singhsaini yahoo com <jmd_singhsaini yahoo com> wrote:


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From: Paras pradhan <pradhanparas gmail com>;
To: linux clustering <linux-cluster redhat com>;
Subject: [Linux-cluster] clusvcadm
Sent: Wed, May 7, 2014 3:14:20 PM

We had some network problem the other day and today I noticed the clusvcadm commands are not working. For example: it does not want to stop the service, migrate a vm etc etc. On one of the nodes clustat does not show any running services. I should restart the rgmanager?

This is RHEL 5.


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