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Re: [Linux-cluster] clusvcadm

On 07/05/14 06:41 PM, Paras pradhan wrote:
Yes the fencing failed because of the network issues and I had to reboot
one of the manually and it came back normal. But now I am seeing this
DLM is blocked.

Then this is why you're stuck. RGmanager, gfs2 and clvmd all use DLM and they will block when DLM blocks. When a fence is called, fenced informs dlm, and dlm remains blocked until fenced tells dlm that it's safe to recover.

If you are *certain* that the one nodes is powered off (or rebooted and cman/rgmanager was not started), you can run 'fence_ack_manual' to tell fenced that the node was fenced. Be very careful with this; improper use can corrupt your cluster.

Alternatively, restart all nodes.

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