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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_ipmilan / custom hardware target address (ipmitool -t hexaddr)

On 05/16/2014 02:04 AM, Digimer wrote:
On 15/05/14 02:39 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:

I am looking to adapt fence_ipmilan to interact with a custom
implementation of an IPMI BMC. Doing so requires the use of ipmitool's
-t option to bridge IPMI requests to a specified internal
(non-networked) hardware address.

I do not see this option existing in fence_ipmilan or any of the other
fence_agents modules.

The ipmitool operation would be '/path/to/ipmitool -t 0x42 chassis power
<operation>'. No network, IP, Auth, User, Password or other arguments

I want to check with the developers to see if there is an existing path
for this use case before submitting a patch for consideration.



Marek Grac, who I've cc'ed here, would be the best person to give advice on this.

As a user, I think a simple patch to add your option would be fine. I do not believe (though stand to be corrected) that address, user or password is currently required with fence_ipmilan.

If I am wrong and it is required, then perhaps forking fence_ipmilan to something like fence_ipmihw (or whatever) and then pushing it out as a new agent should be easy and could work.

Currently, the IP address is required because we do not support self-fencing (as node can be in invalid state). How it works? Password and login are not required.


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