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Re: [Linux-cluster] Heartbeats using CMAN

in a normal setup, we got two switches, one for public and other for private network, if you have a problem with public network, your cluster nodes can still comunicate with each others, using the private switch

2014-05-29 13:23 GMT+02:00 Amjad Syed <amjadcsu gmail com>:

We are trying to setup a 2 node RHEL 6.5 oracle HA cluster in Active/passive mode.

Each node has 2 nics, one connected to outside  world and other private VLAN for heartbeat connections. 

The network admin here is claiming that if the external switch is down or cable is unplugged, how can the heartbeat function ,cause the private VLAN still sees the other node up , but it is actually down and not accessible to network.

Apologies if this naive question, but i am not a networking guy and just trying to figure out how to with this.


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