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[linux-lvm] extend file system

Hi all,

maybe a quick question:
I have installed and integrated the LVM for one vg (vg00) with two lv00, lv01.
The capacity of vg00 is 4GB and lv00 were assigned 500 MB and lv01 1000MB.

If I now try to extend lv00  with lvextend, I need to renew the file system on this
lv00 partion with mke2fs, to make the change valid (for example inside df).
During this process all data are lost (sure).  My understanding of the resize2fs utility
was that the resizing of a lv is dynamically and the data are not removed. After the in-
stallation of the resize2fs utility, I was able to invoke it without problems, but the
result was the same like lvextend.
I called, i.g. resize2fs -L+100 /dev/vg00/lv00, and the tool finished with a hint to run
fsck on the partition. After this was done and a remount the size was still the same like
before. After installing a new filesystem to the lv00 partition it was increased, but the
data were also lost again.

Is there misunderstanding or am I not able to extend a lv without loosing data?

Thanks and kind regards Lars


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