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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID and LVM?

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Luca Berra wrote:

  i checked alan cox's linux-2.2.10-ac12 pacth wich includes
  a heavily modified raid and lvm0.6 patch.
  i added my devfs patch 
  and i was able to create and use a vg on a raid 1 device

cool! Tell me, how is md_make_request in md.c defined? The old way,
or the new way:

int md_make_request (struct buffer_head * bh, int rw)
this is what's been causing me problems.

  todo: adding the diffs to the latest raid and lvm patches,
  		incremental diff for those can be found at
  	checking autodetect, especially with both raid and
  		lvm loaded as modules. raid autorun happens before
  		and after initrd, now i need it during initrd.

i noticed lvm does autodetect based on partition ID. Raid does
aswell. So how can we do autodetection for LVM on RAID? The md device
won't have a partition id, and the underlying device will have to
have a RAID partition ID for RAID to autodetect it. 

Can LVM check for some magic within each block device and use that to
decide whether a device is a PV or not?
Paul Jakma
paul clubi ie	http://hibernia.clubi.ie
PGP5 key: http://www.clubi.ie/jakma/publickey.txt
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