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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID and LVM?

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Paul Jakma wrote:

>   new way!
>  you better check alans patch it is on kernel.org mirrors
> great... alan must have exercised his magic coding fingers and
> massaged the two patches into their proper places :)

(rather flame me for it ;) The new RAID driver will likely not go into
2.2.11, but into 2.2.12. Anyway, the new RAID 0723 release is much more
merging-friendly wrt. LVM.

>   we have to set the partition as a raid autodetect partition
>   then create an initrd with the command
>   insmod lvm.o
>   vgscan
>   vgchange -a y
> uhmm.. but i think eventually for LVM on RAID autodetect to work
> nicely, LVM is going to have to use some block device contents magic.
> or ideally for raid to be fully integrated into LVM, and create
> RAID-5 VG's. 

or, considering the relative complexity of the two drivers (and the
conceptual background), to integrate LVM into the concepts of RAID :) Or
let them live side by side as now.

-- mingo

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