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Re: [linux-lvm] Volume Group Creation

> I have successfully patched and compiled the lvm code and kernel....
> and I am able to create the physical volumes using
> "pvcreate /dev/sdb[12]". However, the next step in the documention
> is where I run into problems... upon execution of the
> "vgcreate test_vg /dev/sdb[12]" I receive an error that no physical
> volumes exist.  Am I missing something. I have changed the system ids
> on the partitions. I am running kernel 2.2.8 with lvm 0.6 and the
> devfs patch for May 3rd. 

Hello Shad.

Strange, this should work.
Could you try to run vgcreate with the -d option and send me the
output? This should provide additional information what is happening.

The only problem that i could imagine off my head is that the
/etc/lvmtab is not up-to-date (this happened once to me a few
revisions ago). Please run vgscan and try the vgcreate again.

Hope that helps

Michael Marxmeier           Marxmeier Software GmbH
E-Mail: mike msede com      Besenbruckstrasse 9
Voice : +49 202 2431440     42285 Wuppertal, Germany
Fax   : +49 202 2431420     http://www.msede.com/

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