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[linux-lvm] List admin: was Spam

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Anderson <chris alwan com> writes:
> > Yes.  I vote yes.
> As a reader accessing this list from a local nntp gateway, I vote no.

I propose the following aproach:

1. Posting is restricted to members by default.

2. To post from a non-subscribed account please drop a message to
   linux-lvm-approval msede com to get write permission to the
   list. You are then added to a list of accounts which can
   post to the list w/o beeing subscribed.

3. All non subscribed posts are bounced to the list admin
   and could be forwarded to the list or added to the
   list of acceptable accounts.

This should take care of valid concerns against restricting posting.

Other choices:

- drop messages which neither have linux-lvm in To or CC
- ignore the Spam (for now).

If you care about the recent spamming, please send any comments
or suggestions to me (instead of the list) and i will post a
summary. This should avoid an endless discussion.

My 0.02 euro

Michael Marxmeier           Marxmeier Software AG
E-Mail: mike msede com      Besenbruchstrasse 9
Phone : +49 202 2431440     42285 Wuppertal, Germany
Fax   : +49 202 2431420     http://www.msede.com/

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