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Re: [linux-lvm] Problems with raid1 and LVM and initrd

I <torsten londo rhein-main de> wrote:

[ snip ]

> The problem is the vgscan call. It doesn't find vg00, it just finds vg01.
> Inserting some debug code ( pvdisplay, pvscan, bash ) in the above it looks
> to me that /dev/md0 is correctly initialized. But the lvm-commands just
> returns error codes. The result is an error while booting the
> real-root-device, since there are no drivers it couldn't boot. (init not
> found)

Finally I found what was wrong, because it may be of interest for others:

If starting vgscan,pvscan from my ramdisk they "only" look in /dev/md/ for
md block-devices. They didn't use /dev/md0. Creating /dev/md/ and a
symlink /dev/md/md0 -> /dev/md0 solved the problem.

I didn't figured out why vgscan behaves different when starting via initrd
vs. "normal" bootup-sequence. As said before booting from a 3rd drive works
and there was also no /dev/md dir. 


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