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Re: [linux-lvm] which kernel for lvm + devfs

Rolf Jakob (rjakob duffy1 franken de) wrote :

> which kernel is suitable for lvm + devfs ?
> Currently I use 2.2.11 w/ devfs w/o lvm, I used to have a 2.2.9 w/ lvm but
> had problems with the aha7xxx (spurious t/o and resets).
> Patching 2.2.11 for devfs was an adventure, I do not really want to repeat
> that for 2.2.12. The lvm patch had - of course - several problems with the
> changed kernel.
> What kernel versions and patches do you use ? Nobody out there using devfs
> and lvm and Adaptec ? I would very appreciate some hints.

I'm using adaptec 2940uw and aha152x with LVM and devfs, with no problems. kernel version 2.2.12, devfs 0.99.5 and LVM 0.7. you have to apply LVM at first, then devfs patch, the problems are lessened. there is only one rejected file, which is quite okay I assume (when you patch it by hand)

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