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Re: [linux-lvm] how to remove PV from a VG?

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 12:31:02PM +0200, Adrien Farkas wrote:
> Heinz Mauelshagen (mauelsha ez-darmstadt telekom de) wrote :
> > > the subject says it (almost) all, I need to remove three PVs that were added to my VG by mistake (namely /dev/sdi, /dev/sdj and /dev/sdk), I guess you see where the error is. I can access data on previous PVs (yet), but don't know how to remove PVs, there is nothing linke 'pvremove'. I can assure you there is no data (perhaps except signature) on those disks.
> > > 
> > 
> > vgreduce YourVG /dev/sd[i-k]
> > 
> > - or, if the 3 partitions hold the only empty PVs of YourVG -
> > 
> > vgreduce -a YourVG
> yes, helped quite enough, just the /dev/sd[ghi] devices are still in
> list of valid PVs and when I run pvscan my partitions get destroyed
> (I suppose because of rewriting LVM marker to the device).  How do I
> really, physically remove the devices from the PV list?

or, if you aren't using partitions, write over the front of the drive

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdg bs=1024 count=5

I'm not sure how much is actually needed to be overwritten, I normally
just don't put a limit on it and hit ctrl-c after awhile.  (or let it
run to the end of the drive...)

Ryan Murray (rmurray cyberhqz com, rmurray glenayre com)
Software Designer, Glenayre Technologies Inc.
The opinions expressed here are my own.

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