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[linux-lvm] A petition to get LVM into the kernel

Good morining,
In the kernel page of issue 9902 concerning the linux-lvm petition Jon
Corbet states:

'... Attempting to replace those criteria with "special interest group"
pressure is not the way to get a better kernel. Hopefully those
wanting LVM in the kernel can discuss the matter with Linus and find
out what, if anything, is blocking that inclusion.'

Actually before deciding to make a petition we did.
in fact you'll find LVM in some of -ac patches.

The idea of the petition came when someone reported to
Heinz Mauelshagen the linux-lvm mantainer "that Linus wants to wait
before putting LVM into the stock kernel to see if enough people are
interested to have this."

We decided that having a document that summarizes the reasons why
we feel that LVM is needed in the stock kernel, and have it subscribed
by anyone who is interested was the best way to let him know.

Luca Berra -- bluca comedia it
    Communications Media & Services S.r.l.

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