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[linux-lvm] Inclusion of LVM into the Linux Kernel...

Hi Linus,

As you (may or may not) know, Heinz Mauelshagen has written a LVM
implementation for Linux, and the wish that this be included in the main
kernel tree (not just as part of Alan's -ac patches), is out there.
According to a post Heinz made to the linux-lvm mailing list
(http://linux.msede.com/lvm/mlist/archive/0286.html), the issue had
already been proposed to you, however you responded that you wanted to
wait before LVM was included into the kernel, to see weather there was
enough interest out there for it. The first suggestion was that everybody
e-mail you and express their interest, however we quickly decided that you
would be rather un-grateful for all the spam (as I'm sure you get more
than enough e-mail in one day) - and we suggested a petition which those
interested could sign, and then we could present it to you.

The petition is in no way intended as "peer pressure", or intended to try
to force you into including LVM into the kernel - by no means - it is
merely an attempt to show that the interest *is* out there, and that we
believe that Linux would benefit (especially when dealing with large
corporations) from having a good LVM implementation.

The "petition" can be found at the following address:


Dominic J. Eidson 
(and the rest of the Linux-LVM mailing list)

Dominic J. Eidson
                                         "Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!" - Gimli
http://www.the-infinite.org/               http://www.the-infinite.org/~dominic/

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