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[linux-lvm] LVM Question


First off, I'm a big supporter of LVM, I use it on a 56gig array at home
regularly without any problems and I can't wait to see it migrate into
the stable kernel tree.

I do have a couple of questions for people with more experience than

I am currently preparing to setup a new main file server for my company.
It will be linux based, and will store approximately 25 gigs of data
will be used constantly.  LVM would be _really_ useful on this machine. 

I'm wondering peoples opinions about whether or not LVM is ready to be
used in
a business environment.  In other words, how stable has this code been
for people?
I have run into no problems, but I have been using it informally thus

Also, I am wondering whether or not future versions of LVM will always
be compatible with the current implementation?  Will there ever be a
point when I would need to
reinstall my LVM volumes to upgrade to the latest version of LVM?

Any opinions, thoughts, cautions, advice, ect.. would be much

Thanks all!

-Michael McLinn

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