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Re: [linux-lvm] English HOWTO available - first release

bert hubert wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> You can find a first shot at an English HOWTO available on
> http://www.ds9a.nl/lvm-howto. I know this is a bit rash with English
> translations going on but I hope people won't be too upset.

Hi Bert,

I am a bit irritated, about why you are starting a third active
HOWTO-Thread, instead of giving feedback to the existing stuff? We (you,
Peter and me) just talked this week about the coordination of the work.

I think it is a bit counterproductive to spread the available ressources
over many simular project - that is not really bazaar style, is it. 

Now to the state of our progress.

The German Howto in my opinion has reached a level, where the Sections
1-4 and 7 could be released by the next weekend, as they are "complete
enough to be usefull". I'll create a seperate branch, where the
uncomplete sections are removed. Anyway I'd apprechiate some affirmation
or critics on that, if possible.
See http://litefaden.com/lite00/lvm/ for the current working release.

Peter is currently pushing hard to improve his howto and to get my stuff
integrated as well. He will release it ASAP. I will additionally slow
down my work on the German Version, to help getting the Englisch version
improved, so that soon more people can give feedback on the howto
Peter's current development release ist at


"The software said it requires Win95 or better, so I installed Linux."
                                             ( http://litefaden.com/ )

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