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Re: [linux-lvm] English HOWTO available - first release

On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 06:18:51PM +0200, Richard Heider jr. wrote:

> I am a bit irritated, about why you are starting a third active
> HOWTO-Thread, instead of giving feedback to the existing stuff? We (you,
> Peter and me) just talked this week about the coordination of the work.

This is true. I decided since then that I would try to take a different
perspective on things. I like the 'hands-on' approach with a lot of emphasis
on doing and explaining things.

> I think it is a bit counterproductive to spread the available ressources
> over many simular project - that is not really bazaar style, is it. 

You are very welcome to copy sections from my HOWTO, even without
attribution. 'Bazaar' also means releasing 'early and often' which I am
doing. Your English translation would go quicker if it were publicly

> The German Howto in my opinion has reached a level, where the Sections
> 1-4 and 7 could be released by the next weekend, as they are "complete
> enough to be usefull". I'll create a seperate branch, where the
> uncomplete sections are removed. Anyway I'd apprechiate some affirmation
> or critics on that, if possible.
> See http://litefaden.com/lite00/lvm/ for the current working release.

I will do so. You can also decide to release one big volume, including the
parts that aren't done yet, but clearly marking them so. This may cause
readers to fix your mistakes, or finish your work. This happened to the
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Shaping HOWTO (http://ds9a.nl/2.4Routing).
That is the true spirit of open development.

> Peter's current development release ist at
> ftp://linux.msede.com/lvm/howto/

I hadn't found the English version - it looks useful.

For the moment, I will add a URL for the development release and will make
it even more clear that my HOWTO is somewhat alternative. I furthermore
invite you to cut & paste at will from my work.

Perhaps I will prefer to leave you to your work, perhaps I will continue on
my own. But it is not my intent to hurt your feelings - it is just that I
have taken another aproach so far. This should not hurt things.

It may not be efficient, but it does not really matter.


bert hubert.

                       |              http://www.rent-a-nerd.nl
                       |                     - U N I X -
                       |          Inspice et cautus eris - D11T'95

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