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Re: [linux-lvm] Mirroring with LVM

A James Lewis wrote:
> My understanding is that you use MD to do the mirroring and LVM is layered
> on top to produce volumes... so yes you can mirror but LVM doesn't do it.
So, am I right to conclude that if I have a (trivial) volume with one
of 2 discs at raid1 or 3 at raid5 and want to extend that I have to add
3 discs for my volume-on-to-of-raid5 or 2 for the mirrored set (mix
It seems possible to add one physical partition but if that disc crashes
I would
loose all data since the filesystem would depend on information on both
(the physical and the raid abstracted d.o.), right?

Another question. I'm trying to compile the utilities on a glibc 2.1
with no success. The LVM-home page mentions that a small patch is needed
I can't seem to find that anywhere ..... suggestions anybody?



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