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[linux-lvm] repair "lvextend-instead-of-e2fsadm" usage


thanks to all for the last hints ... it works (sort of). Now I've done
something stupid - I've installed a new HDD and

	pvcreate /dev/hdb1
	vgextend /dev/vg01 /dev/hdb1
	vgdisplay /dev/vg01           -> 3737 free 4MB extents
	lvextend +l 3737 /dev/vg01/home

instead of using "e2fsadm" to resize the file system as well.

Is there a way to use resize2fs to get the same result, or would I have to
(can I?) "lvreduce -l -3737 ..." the volume group first? How does the
"reducing" work, does it just cut off the end?

The Trouble Is(tm), umounting the /home partition would include explaining
to 200 scientists why and how long they cannot access their precious data,
and I *really* don't want to go into details here. =;()


ciao, Jens (mailaddr im Header)                 http://www.pinguin.conetix.de
"Schiebe nie etwas auf Boshaftigkeit, was           http://www.hitch-hiker.de
ausreichend durch Dummheit erklärt werden kann."       http://www.linuxfaq.de

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