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[linux-lvm] [patch] bug in lvm_remove_recursive.c


I found a malloc size off-by-one bug in lvm_remove_recursive.c.
file_name is allocated with size strlen (dir) + strlen (dir_ent->d_name) + 2,
and then used with sprintf ( file_name, "%s/%s%c", dir, dir_ent->d_name, 0);
As sprintf automatically appends another 0 byte, the allocated memory is one
byte too short.

Normaly this doesn't hurt, but today, after I created a lv with the
relatively long name 'reisertest', I got a segmentation fault in vgscan.
Applying the attached patch cured that. 

Please note that I simply increase the malloc size. Now file_name is 
terminated by two 0 bytes. It may be better to remove the manually added
0, or to switch to snprintf (snprintf doesn't add a 0 byte, IIRC).


--- 0.8final/tools/lib/lvm_remove_recursive.c	Tue Feb 22 03:09:32 2000
+++ 0.8final-changed/tools/lib/lvm_remove_recursive.c	Fri Aug  4 11:07:04 2000
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
                     strcmp ( dir_ent->d_name,"..") == 0) continue;
                if ( ( file_name = malloc ( strlen (dir) +
                                            strlen (dir_ent->d_name) +
-                                           2)) == NULL) {
+                                           3)) == NULL) {
                   ret = -LVM_EREMOVE_RECURSIVE_MALLOC;
                   goto lvm_remove_recursive_end;

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