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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM and sw RAID1

also sprach nils:
> On Wed, 23.08.00, Peter Green <pcg gospelcom net> wrote:
> >   (pcg dmna) ~> uname -a
> >   Linux dmna 2.4.0-0.21 #2 Wed Aug 23 11:46:12 EDT 2000 i686 unknown
> I'm a bit confused. Shouldnt the kernel-version be something like
> "2.4.0-testN" instead of "2.4.0-0.21"?

It's a RedHat kernel from rawhide.

> I for one am using 2.4.0-test5 with LVM 0.8final on sw-Raid Lv.5 wihout any
> problems so far, my pvcreate behaved like it should.

Hrm, I might try the stock kernel instead. Usually, RedHat does fairly good
things with any patches they add to their kernel, but this might be a case
in which they've done something naughty.

Thanks for the pointers!

Peter Green : Gospel Communications Network, SysAdmin : pcg gospelcom net
 * Oops. The kernel tried to access some bad page. We'll have to
 * terminate things with extreme prejudice.
die_if_kernel("Oops", regs, error_code);
(From linux/arch/i386/mm/fault.c)				   

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