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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM & NFS

also sprach bulfon:
> Hello,
> I have a PC with RH 6.1 kernel 2.2.13, lvm kernel patch for 2.2.13, and
> lvm 0.8-pre02,10.1999.

I've done this with RH6.1, kernel 2.4.0-0.21 (from RedHat rawhide), lvm

> lvm works fine but when I tried to export a logical volume of 82GB, to
> another Linux machine I got:
> mount: my_server:/my_logica_volume failed, reason given by
> server: Permission denied

Is this the *real* error message you're getting? Or did you sanitize the
error message? (My guess is that you sanitized it and your logical volume is
not really called ``my_logica_volume''.)

What does /etc/exports read? What do other log files say?

> I did the same NFS configuration with a small partition (not LVM) and it
> worked.
> Any idea ? Is there any special configuration/setting to export LVM
> volumes via NFS?

Not that I've run into in my brief time of using LVM and NFS.

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