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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM & NFS

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Cristina Bulfon wrote:

> Any idea ? Is there any special configuration/setting to export LVM
> volumes via NFS?

I've had no problems exporting LVM file systems via NFS

I've used both hard mounts nad auto mounts.  I've got a mix of Kernels

RH 6.0 2.2.10-lvm on an i686  
RH 6.2 2.2.15-lvm on a 2-processor i686 
RH 6.1 2.2.12 on an i486
RH 6.2 2.2.16-lvm on a 2-processor i686    
RH 6.2 2.2.16 on a i686    

To name a few.  All of the problems I had were NFS problems mostly
coz I didn't know anything about the automount. So even they were 
not problems in the end.

Don't ask why I use RH.  They fix(sp?) the kernel so you can't get LVM
in to their distributed Kernel source.

I've been running systems in anger with LVM for a good while now. 
Thats well over 12 months.  It's not let me down yet.  :-)
I was even pleasantly suprised that it even hacked my old 0xfe partition
in the latest lvm 0.8 version that uses 0x8e partitions.

Get work.  Thanks for LVM.  

char  *r,*e,*w="%.9s%.7s%.7s\n";extern int printf(const char*,...);int main(){
int l=*w,a,b,th=*(w-~(l/=l))-*(w+l);b=*w+~th--;a=b-th;//Aviation Briefing Ltd.
r=e="  DISPLAY'tmdg avbr';,,;'ief.com'*>"+b;l+=~b,th-=printf(w,e-a,th+e,r);
r=e="  DISPLAY'http://www.avbrief.com/' *>"-~b,exit(~l-printf(w,e+~a,th+e,r));}

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