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Re: [linux-lvm] Strange...


Nils Juergens wrote:
> On Tue, 29.08.00, Ulf Bartelt <ulf twc de> wrote:
> > (root kira:/0)~# umount /home/ftp/install/
> > (root kira:/0)~# umount /home/ftp
> > (root kira:/0)~# e2fsadm -L+1G /dev/vgkira/ftp
> > e2fsadm -- ERROR: "/dev/vgkira/ftp" is mounted on "/home/ftp2"
> > e2fsadm -- please umount it to resize

> Have you tried using "lvextend" by hand? That should work.
> In that case you might try ext2resize instead of resize2fs.
> You don't even need to supply the exact size of the LV to ext2resize.
> "ext2resize <devicename>" will automagically extend the filesystem to
> the size of the LV.

Neither mount nor /proc/mounts claimed the LV to be mounted.

I tried and solved the problem this way:

	rename the LV /dev/vgkira/ftp to /dev/vgkira/ptf
	(necessary lvchange commands not mentioned)

	run e2fsadm on the renamed LV

	rename th LV back

	use the LV as usual

I had no time to look in the sources but I for now I guess e2fsadm fails
if used on a LV with a name that is the beginning of a LV name that
still is in use...

This was the case having LV names ftp and ftp2...


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