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Re: [linux-lvm] ExChange of Harddisks

On Wed, 30.08.00, Arne Klöcker <a kloecker gmx net> wrote:
> i want to change my actual Setup (1 IDE Disk, 3 SCSI Disks, 1 Logical
> Device which has 1 FS => This is used as one big volume for a private
> fileserver). The Remianing Space on the SCSI Disks should be enough to
> hold the Data from the IDE Disk.
If i understand your setup right you can just move the physical extents from
your IDE-Drive to the SCSI-Drives. You do this with "pvmove <device>",
<device> being the physical volume you want to remove.  You can, if you
want, also specify to which PV's the PE's get moved to (see manpage).

If i am not mistaken, this can even be done without unmounting the

Dont forget to remove the PV from your VG before you remove the drive.

have fun,


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