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Re: [linux-lvm] AIX JFS dual-mount

Christopher Shaulis <shaulis tkg com> wrote:
> There is something called clvm (concurrent logical volume manager) for
> AIX which ships as part of HACMP (high availability clustering

Maybe the topic is a bit arbitrary here - but CLVM does _not_ support
dual-mount configurations. Main reason: it has no interface to the two
JFS's write caches... Its only intent was to facilitate multi-host access
to raw devices, a la databases, but as you say... 

> reported to be slow. Most developers (ie Oracle) choose instead to roll
> their own locking solutions. I've never actually seen anyone use it


The only multi-mount filesystem on AIX so far is the GPFS (General purpose
filesystem) running on top of the RVSD (Recoverable Virtual Storage Disk)
which only runs on an SP. 

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