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Re: [linux-lvm] Mirroring

Harald Milz wrote:

> Chris Anderson <chris alwan com> wrote:
> > I have looked through the doc and I see that LVM stripes but how do you
> > setup a true mirror?  One hard dive mirrored to another hard drive (1 to
> > 1).
> It's more like one partition or logical volume mirrored against another
> one (not necessarily disks - you seem to be familiar with Novell). LVM
> can't do this. Use MD.

I know veritas.  It has a SubDisk, Plex Volume setup.  A subdisk is part of a
disk and one or more subdisk make a Plex and one or more plexes make a
volume.  And a volume can be used as a mount point or whatever.

So if a disk goes bad only plexes with use a subdisk from that disk are
down.  And if a volume has two plex only one need to be up to run.  Later the
plex can be re-joined back to the volume and the data is synched back to the
other plex.

In a nut shell what happens when one disk goes down with LVM?  Can it be
setup to keep the volume up and alive and run and if so what is the best way?

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