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Re: [linux-lvm] Trouble 2.2.14 setup - unresolved symbol lvm_map_ptr (My first time)

Michael Marxmeier wrote:

> > IMO there's no obvious reason, why it should core there with size == 8.
> >
> > Do you have an old libc in place by accident which might give us a
> > reason to assume an broken malloc()?
> > If so: try with an actual one.
> >
> > Any ideas from other list members?
> Conventional wisdom tells that when malloc crashes the free list
> (aka arena) has been trashed. This can happen eg. by a double free
> (some malloc versions check against this) or by writing beyond the
> end of a buffer.
> You might want to try the following:
> env MALLOC_CHECK_=1 vgcreate ...

This is printed out when I set the check.  Also it does not crash if I set
it to 1.

malloc: using debugging hooks
realloc(): invalid pointer 0x804b730!

Whats next?  Should I look for a double free?

> This will use a debugging version of malloc which might print
> sone diagnostics to stderr if a problem is encountered.
> see malloc(3) for additional information.
> Hope this helps
> Michael
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