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Re: [linux-lvm] Couple of question/confusion

Let me explain (Please offer advice if you want) I have the following
/dev/hdc1 = 1.2G
/dev/hdd2 = 7.9G
/dev/hda3 = 1.2G
/dev/sda1 = 9.11

I wanted to combine all of the above into 1 *partition* for /home. now
is LVM something I should be looking into or should I just go to linear
raid? or raid 0?

LVM is perfect for this.

Now I create my physical volume, but when I want to create my logical I
keep recieving this error:

freedom /# lvcreate -L100G freedom
lvcreate -- only 499 free physical extents in volume group "freedom"

What am I doing wrong?

First, you stated that created the physical volumes... did you also create the volume groups?
If you didn't, you'll need to add your physical volumes to a volume group.


# vgcreate /dev/hdc1 /dev/hdd2... etc.

At that point, type:

# vgdisplay /dev/vg00

This will tell you how many physical extents that you have available to create an LV. (free PE)
To use all of them in a LV, type
# lvcreate -l <number of PEs> vg00

When you tried a lvcreate -L 100G, btw... you told it to create a 100GB file system.

Please offer some advice, wether LVM is just overkill for me and I
should just use raid0 or linear.

I'm of the opinion that LVM is *NEVER* overkill. If you look at AIX or HP-UX, they use an LVM for everything.
Daniel Whicker (heimdall mail org)

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