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[linux-lvm] Reduced dependecies for /root on lvm

Hi all,

i found, that the vgscan and vgchange commands, needed for activation of
volumes, depend on shared libc and ld-loader in the initrd. Even if
these two are linked static, there remains a dependecie, due to a
system() call of the 'rm -rf' command. I added a little routine to do
this task to liblvm, removed the system(rm...) calls and changed the
tools/Makefile to link vgscan.static and vgchange.static.
I did'n change lvmcreate_initrd 'cause i still do this by hand (sorry
It works for me, my initrd is much smaller now (stripped the executables
;-)), there are less pof's (point-of-failure) when trying to install
with root on a lv.
Comments and bugreports are welcome.

Klaus Strebel
stb ep-ag com
EIGNER + PARTNER AG   - The Engineering Warehouse Company -

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